1. Choose the Coolwraps bag that most closely fits your gift.

2. Remove the protective tape over self-sealing closure surface and seal the open end securely.

3. Use a normal household hairdryer on its « High » setting to shrink the bag. For best results, we recommend you to use the hairdryer with its concentrator nozzle.

4. Keep the hairdryer within 1 inch of package and shrink one surface at a time. Begin to shrink the bag by moving slowly and concentrating on one corner until wrinkles and puckers begin to disappear.

5. Tuck in corners before shrinking, corners may protude. Tabbing corners down with a finger after applying heat can prevent this problem.

6. After all surfaces have been shrunk, return for one more pass over the entire package. You can attain a totally flawless finish with a little practice and patience.

7. WARNING:  Keep away from children. Suffocation risk. Use common sense.  Don’t microwave. Don’t burn yourself. Don’t wrap combustibles, liquids, food, live animals or persons. 

Stuff it

Place your gift in the bag

Seal it

Remove the protective film from the tape and close the flap

Shrink it

Use a standard hair dryer to shrink the bag

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