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is a revolutionary gift wrap technology that requires no scissors, no tape and fits any shape.
Wanna bet you'll enjoy gift wrapping from now on?
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Why is CoolWraps better?

Paper roll

Gift bag


Joy of unwrapping



Rediscover the joy of unwrapping traditional gifts you lost with gift bags.

Easy to use



Using CoolWraps is easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply stuff your gift, seal the bag and shrink it using a household hairdryer.

Wrap odd shapes



If you have ever tried to wrap a bottle or a teddybear only to switch to a gift bag, you'll be delighted to know it's that easy with CoolWraps.

Easy to store


With our compact packaging you can store dozens of our shrink wrap gift bags and always be ready without the hassle of dedicating a full drawer to gift wrap supplies.

Water resistant


When correctly sealed, your gift will even be waterproof. Forget the fear of accidents or rain.

Price per gift




With our competitive pricing and our free shipping, you'll even save on your regular paper roll or gift bags.

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  • Stuff it Place gift in bag
  • Seal it Remove protective film from tape and close flap
  • Shrink it Use a hair dryer to shrink

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